Paint Protection Film: If you own a car, and you love your costly possession, then you must be familiar with the feeling of being extra cautious in taking care of it.  For some this cautionary attitude lasts especially for the period when the car is new.

For some, it is there until they hold the ownership of the car, no matter how old it gets. In order to protect, car or any kind of vehicle people go for various options like wrapping with the use of decal or custom designs, ceramic coating, detailing or paint correction and paint protection film.

Wrap Art Delhi provides all these services under expert guidance. In this blog, we are going to discuss one of the most sought after services of Wrap Art Delhi i.e. paint protection film and paint protection film cost. It is important to mention here that we provide only superior quality of products.

Our experienced and well-trained technicians perfectly fix the paint protection film on your car to give glass-like finishing. Here we will discuss the important topics related to paint protection film like paint protection film cost and are paint protection film worth it?

What is paint protection film?

As the name suggests this is a thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to the painted surface of a car or any vehicle. Paint Protection Film can be used for both new as well as used cars.

The purpose of this film is to protect the paint of the vehicle from all possible sources which have the potential to harm it.  It ensures that the showroom shine of your new car lasts longer and the resale value of your old one does not decline due to wear and tear over the period of time.

Paint Protection Film Cost

You do not buy a car or any vehicle every day. Buying a car is a costly affair. And when you are in a position to afford a costly asset like a car, spending money in its maintenance is something to which you start to give due importance.

You do not want to compromise at all. Well, paint protection film, which is quite essential for protecting your car, is not something that will dig holes in your pocket. So, no need to worry at all.

They are affordable and available in different qualities. You can choose one based on your budget. Though, it is always advisable to go for the best ones.

Are paint protection film worth it?

Without an iota of doubt, YES, they are totally worthy. Paint protection film safeguards all the vulnerable parts of one of your most loved possession. Think of any possible source except bullet which can harm the paint of your car –

Stains and Scratches


Ultraviolet Rays

Rock chips

The paint protection film is capable enough to give long-lasting protection against all these factors.

If you are someone who does not like experimenting much with the original design or color of the car, and so do not want to go with the option of wrapping or using decals, then paint protection film is made for you. You can protect your car and retain its original form simultaneously.


This blog must have given you a better perspective on paint protection films, paint protection film cost, and are they worthy or not. So if you have still not tried the paint protection film for your car, then you must visit Wrap Art Delhi once and get the best service at the most reasonable price.

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