Detailing and Paint Correction is the other range of services that Wrap Art Delhi provides with utter precision. Not only this one but all the services we provide, we give our 100 percent to it, because we understand how much you love your car!!.

We have some really good experts to supervise the department of Detailing and Paint Correction at Wrap Art Delhi. Our technicians leave no stone unturned to exactly deliver the service, the way the client wants.

car detailing and paint correction


First, it is important to understand the two terms given in the title of this blog. These terms have some factors in common while some distinguish them. Some people often have the notion that Detailing and Paint Correction refers to the same procedure. So, first, let’s start with Detailing.

Detailing is mainly related to the basics of car needs. It includes Wash, Wax, and cleaning up of interiors. The time involved in this process is less and the purpose is to give a shiny and clean look to the car.

Now, you don’t confuse Detailing with a simple wash of car. Although it takes less time, it is a labor-intensive process as well as it is specific.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is all about dealing with the imperfections in the finishing of your car and restoring it in its best version. What are the imperfections which need to be corrected through the paint? This must be the next question in your mind.

The answer to this is the stubborn swirl marks, fine scratches, tiny spots created by water, etched bird droppings, and sometimes marks created by inappropriate washing techniques.

In the paint correction techniques, machine polishers along with different polishes and graded pads are used. If we compare it with detailing it takes more time and also requires a good budget.

For full correction, the technicians apply multiple stages of polishing. In the initial stages of polishing the target is to remove the scratches that are deep and the lighter abrasions on the surface are removed in the later stages of polishing.

Need for Detailing and Paint Correction

To give, your car durability and protection from external factors both detailing and paint correction play important roles. Detailing the car at a certain interval of time gives your car a refreshed look. It also helps to extend the life of the interiors of the car, where you spend most of your time while driving.

For restoring the paint of your car for several years paint correction is important. The paint of your car will be brighter and more vibrant.


At Wrap Art Delhi, we make sure that the cars which come for paint correction get so perfectly corrected that they will only show true reflections when our clients view it in direct sunlight. Not a tint of blemish or scratch is visible to their eye. We genuinely remove the blemishes and do not leave them hidden underfilled surfaces. The paint correction and detailing done at our place is, for sure, one of the best in the market.

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