Detailing & Paint Correction

As humans we seek perfection and people often say perfection is a myth but not with WrapArts. We bring you this effective detailing and paint correction services to provide the beauty of your car, a touch of perfection.
Paint correction and detailing is a method to actually correct the imperfections you get over your car by multiple layers of polishing till you get the final shining car of yours.
Getting scratches or swirl marks on car can be common but carrying them is not. And thats where WrapArts help you to remove the flaws and nurture the beauty of your vehicle. In a pocket friendly budget, we offer the cherry to your cake like car because its good to care for the scratches than to carry the scratches!
Contact us now and have a beautiful, shining car of yours!

Ceramic coating

We often put plastic covers on our vehicles to save them from dust and rains and thats exactly what Ceramic Coating does to your vehicle with the difference, that its more trustworthy.
Ceramic Coating is a coating of liquid polymer done over the factory paint of the car to protect it from many minor damages and it being hydrophobic often saves your car from rains and related damages.
The question might arise here is why you should get it done?
Well who doesn’t want his/her car to shine and look like new everytime and always reflecting the vibe of richness.
Ceramic Coating saves your car from the attacking enemies just like a true friend does. And thats why you should get this best friend to your car. Contact us now and get your vehicle, a shield of protection with our effective Ceramic Coating services!

Paint protection film

As the name suggests, paint protection film isn’t just something to protect your paint but is something which acts as the Border security Force for your vehicle.
Paint protection film is basically a film of polymer applied on vehicles to protect them from UV exposure, minor abrasions, rock chips, acid rains and related damages.
A nation can’t be safe if there aren’t any guards guarding its border and same is with the vehicle. For a vehicle to be safe, its very necessary that we ensure the safety of its borders i.e. the external safety. Paint protection film is there to help you protect your lovely vehicle from many damaging stuffs and ensure the longterm of the beauty of your vehicle.

Wrap & custom decals

Everything you own must have a touch of you over it. You own a car? Let it have your story. You own a bike? Let it reflect your vibe.
How about riding a car which has nothing to say? Uff, it looks so boring.
Well, Wraps and Decals can help your car talk about you. Wraps and decals are generally done over the external body of vehicles to provide them a new fancy and attractive look and also make it look like uh lalala!
Few things are necessity while others are creativity and Wraps and decals are those creative stuffs which can turn you from an ordinary car owner to an artist. 

Contact us, chose your favorite decals and wraps and let your car have a touch of art!

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